Corporate Golf Day Ideas

Corporate Golf Day Ideas

5 Perfect Corporate Golf Day Ideas

Everyone loves corporate golf outings. Not only is it a time to get out from behind your desk, but it’s also a great chance to get to know your coworkers while relaxing and playing a sport. It’s obvious that all of your coworkers are sure to love the idea of having a day off filled with sporting activities and social events. But if you are looking for more to add to your corporate golf day, here are five ideas that everyone in attendance is sure to enjoy.


It may seem a bit obvious, but a golf outing is the best time to offer rewards to those who participate.  Everyone loves a chance to win something special. With that in mind, you can reward players for the longest drive, the longest putt, the closest to the pin, the best shot and more. There are a multitude of ways to keep track of who makes some amazing shots and ways to reward those who do. Those who are playing will enjoy the opportunity to play a little harder, knowing there is something special in it for them if they do well.

If you have the budget for it, you could also consider rewarding the winner with a memorable or desirable prize. For example, you could reward them with a paid vacation to somewhere nice, a day off from work, or personalised golf items. Make sure you cater your rewards to your company's services and culture.

Mock Rewards

Aside from all of the players that will do well, you are sure to have a few less-than-stellar performances during your corporate golf outing. If the participants can handle a good ribbing, you can reward them with humorous gifts to remember their time. For each good reward, have a funny gag gift reward that goes with it. This includes shortest drive, most putts on green, or furthest from the whole. You can play around with these mock-rewards quite a bit and add some humour to your golf event, but be sure not to give any rewards that would offend anyone.

Photo Opportunities

Your corporation will want to remember this golf outing for years to come. Whether the participants do well or not is a whole different story. However, having a professional photographer there to take photos is a great idea. These photographers can take photos that will be remembered for many years to come by those who play.

Golf Pro Appearances

If you are a corporation that has connections with a professional golfer or some sort of local celebrity, see if they would be willing to attend your event. Not only will your workers enjoy this, but it’ll gain attention for the event, which is always good for you and your company. This idea is probably best handled with a lot of notice, as professionals and famous people have busy schedules and are going to have other events to attend.

Fundraising Event

There are few better things to include in your golf outing than a fundraising event. Aside from being a great day for everyone to hit the links and get away from work, if you are giving back to those that are less fortunate, it makes it an even more rewarding day. You can find ways to raise money, invite charities and do much more to give back to the community during your corporate golf day.


Corporate golf days are a fun opportunity for Australian companies to take much needed time off and get to know one another. Follow the tips on this list to make your corporate golf day a tradition that employees look forward to each year.